guild raid structure

As a two night a week Mythic guild, we take our limited time seriously, yet believe in keeping the game enjoyable for all.

Raid Days: Tuesday and Wednesday – 8:30-11:30pm Central


Templar – Raiders that officers believe go above and beyond our expectations for the good of the raid and the guild. Officers regularly discuss raider candidacy for the Templar rank; don’t ask us if you qualify, we’ll tell you when we promote you!

Crusaders – Raiders who have passed their trial period and maintain attendance and performance requirements.

Acolytes – These are raiders that fall into two categories watched by the officers. Members currently starting their trial period, or raiders who have fallen below the attendance and/or performance requirements of a crusader.

Perks – Templars and Crusaders receive perks! To lower the cost of raid consumables, the guild bank provides high-quality potions, stat food, enchantments, and more!

Holding a higher rank doesn't mean you won't be sat; if an Acolyte is outperforming a Crusader, the latter will be benched.


The minimum attendance requirements are dependent on rank and raider status (current raider or trial member). If you fall below the attendance requirement for your rank, you have a grace period of 6 consecutive raid nights to return to the rank’s minimum. Failing to return to your rank’s minimum will result in a rank demotion. Our leniency will depend on your history of notifying us of absences, and we will obviously take emergencies and disasters into consideration.

  • Templars – 90% minimum attendance

  • Crusader – 80% minimum attendance

  • Acolyte – 70% minimum attendance

  • Acolyte (New Member Trial Period) – 90% minimum attendance

Loot Rules:

Bind on Equip

BoEs are a significant source of funding for the guild bank’s consumables. Raiders must trade to an officer any such BoEs acquired during one of our officially scheduled raids before the end of the raid. If a BoE is of exceptional quality to you, you may purchase it at 30% off the current market price.

Bind on Pickup

BoP loot is yours to keep because personal loot. If you receive loot that you do not want, or feel may be better utilized by another raider, please trade it to the designated officer to be rolled off.

Raid loot roll offs

BoP loot rolls will happen in three stages: Templar/Crusader need rolls first, Acolyte need rolls second, open greed rolls last. In order to maintain fair loot distribution, officers may step in if one person is winning all of the need rolls, but this very rarely happens as our team is fair-minded and want the whole raid to progress.

Weekly M+ Vault

Due to the high reward profile, raiders are to complete one M+ dungeon per week; key level will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Required Addons

  • Boss Mod - BigWigs

  • Weak Auras

  • Method Raid Tools